Google Adsense Will Suspend Your Account If You Are Found Guilty Of This

Google Adsense Will Suspend Your Account If You Are Found Guilty Of This: Today, I’d like to discuss some of the reasons why Google AdSense may terminate your account. Are you with me?

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Google Adsense Will Suspend Your Account If You Are Found Guilty Of This

Listed below are some of the reasons Google Adsense may suspend your account.

Coercion of Clicks

You are not permitted to trick people into clicking on your adverts accidentally or by chance. Yes, I’m referring to excessive ads, movable ads, jumping ads, or any other type of advertisement that causes your visitors to click on them by accident.

Click Fraud is exactly what it sounds like. You should avoid clicking on your own advertisements or enticing others to do so. Recognize that Google’s algorithms are far more sophisticated and intelligent than you believe, and may not need much time to catch up with you.

You cannot deceive Google for much longer, since they are fully aware of how it works for both you and them.

Made For AdSense (MFA) Websites

These are websites that provide little value to their viewers or have very little content. These websites are built solely to house advertisements on various pages and to entice people to click on them.

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Always strive to produce valuable informational websites for people, since this will earn you money and internet authority.

There are several scraped or cloned material websites on the Internet, however not all of them earn genuine money from AdSense. Bear in mind that if your site lacks value, it may be classified as MFA and subject to suspension.

You are not permitted to send incentivized traffic to AdSense-enabled pages.

This means that you cannot utilize paid traffic sources such as PPC or traffic exchanges to direct readers to your content. Many people join paid traffic websites, which require members to check out one another’s pages for traffic.

Avoid these low-cost methods of earning money through AdSense, as they will not keep you amused for long.

Low-Quality Websites

Google has become more sophisticated in its approach to punishing AdSense accounts based on the quality of particular websites.

If any of your websites contain low-quality material, auto blogging, or are centered on a single keyword, Google AdSense will immediately suspend your account. This is the case for the majority of affiliate marketers, who build websites on single keyword phrases such as weight loss, yeast infections, and other micro niches. If any of your websites fall into one of these categories, it is best to eliminate them immediately and concentrate on content quality and authority.

Using Incompatible ads accounts

If you utilize both AdSense and AdWords account concurrently, you run the danger of being banned from both networks. Therefore, if your AdWords account is suspended, it will not be long before your

AdSense account is suspended as well. Take care to separate your AdWords and AdSense accounts.

Violations of Content

There are numerous categories and types of content that will result in an instant ban from AdSense. Avoid publishing content on your website that contains pornography, hate, drugs, cheating, hacking aids, firearms, alcohol, or cigarettes.

Copyrighted Material

Per Google AdSense’s Terms of Service, you are not permitted to use copyrighted information on your website. Therefore, refrain from utilizing content that you do not own or to which you lack the necessary permissions. Numerous individuals either attempt to steal the data directly or rewrite it with minor adjustments. Both of these tactics should be avoided, as quality is the primary component in achieving a high Google ranking.


The days of earning money via auto blogs and low-quality content are over. It is now necessary to create high-quality websites and content.

You must grasp the fundamental concept of a long-term approach in the AdSense industry and adhere to the aforementioned criteria in order to be successful in your online venture. My own advice to everyone is to adhere to a few easy Google AdSense do’s and don’ts.


  • Do create high-quality, content-rich websites.
  • Construct your websites with ethical practices in mind
  • Sustain your business by implementing sustainable techniques
  • Expand the number of websites that add value in some way.


  • Invest your time in long-term goals such as auto blogging.
  • Do not waste your time looking for loopholes, since they will be rapidly closed.
  • Avoid black hat and grey hat AdSense methods.
  • Do not overlook the possibility of being banned from all AdSense-enabled websites as a result of your single low-quality website.
  • Do not purposefully manipulate the AdSense system in order to increase clicks or views.

I’m confident that if you follow the recommendations above, you’ll never have to complain about Google suspending your AdSense accounts. I hope this essay helped you comprehend the fundamental concepts of the Google AdSense Terms of Service and also guided you toward establishing an online authority.

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