Gafar Liameed Gives Reasons 36 lions Fc Pulled Out of the League

The President of 36 Lions FC, Alhaji Liameed Gafar while speaking on Nigeria’s foremost sports WhatsApp platform Family United By Football (FUBF) Gives reasons 36 Lions Football Club Fc pulled out of the National League.

In his statement, Alhaji Gafar said that their slot was given to a private club-like theirs and they pulled out of the league to bolster the relationship between private clubs, to curtail violence and also to save lives.

He went ahead to give more reasons that Lagos FA was part of the reason they pulled out of the league because every single game they won last season was like war with two many errors from the officiating officials.

Rumors have it that the power that may be from the FA will make sure we relegate but we were able to survive it. The preparation for the 2019/2020 season began and the same rumor that was supposed to be dead gone kept brewing again.

As a result of this ongoing rumor, we were compelled to write an official letter to FA and we told them that the chairmen of our various supporters have vowed to cause an unprecedented crisis if any referee comes to perform any magic with any of our home games but Lagos FA refused to respond to our letters which they received and was officially stamped.

As a result of this, we have decided to pull out for the main time until the coast is clear
but we will return when all has come back to normalcy but we will feature in the federation cup because that is the property of NFF and besides you can only be cheated once for the referee can only make mistakes only once from the federation cup, not like the weekly leagues.

He went ahead to talk about their transfer market which he says he will consider as average and because of this we must continue to improve our competitor with ourselves, so when we reach the targets set, then we can say we have accomplished well.

He also mentions what Nigeria top clubs need right now is to give Nigeria young players the opportunity to express themselves and show their talents. Just imagine an 18-year-old boy who is tormenting other players in the local league will certainly call the attention of international clubs.

In his statement, he said that effective scouting will improve the national team’s performance but the major problem we have is that talented players are often overlooked and subsequently dispensed to force way for one-week magic players.


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