Forum Urges Nigerian League Players to Boycott the 2020/2021 Season As Joshua Daniel Seeks Minister of Sport Attention

Forum urges Nigerian league Players to boycott the 2020/2021 season as Joshua Daniel, which is one of 2007 under 17 winning world cup teams seeks Minister of sports attentions.

The forum for better organized Nigeria league and professional club side called on all the players in the Nigeria national league and premier league to boycott the league coming this 2020/2021 season if the authority does not call on relevant stakeholders meeting to look at the template sent to the minister of sport and the league board and adopt it.

The coordinator of the forum in Kaduna said that, if the authority is sincere about way forward then, this is an opportunity.

He highlighted some of the requirements as follows:

(1) Insurance policy and pension for players and coaches.

(2) Application of players transfer rules and proper drafting of players and coaches contract and enforcement.

(3) Four of the five club licensing requirements must be met before being cleared to play in the league, which are sporting requirements, Legal requirements, financial requirements, and Administrative requirements.

(4) Preparation and submission of financial statement to appropriate authority two to three month after the season ends

(5) Application of financial fair play to suit the Nigerian environment.

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Also speaking was Usman Ahmadu, a player of Kada city stars who also called on all players in the league to support these course, he said they should remember there is life after football and fight for their right now. He added that there are a lot of Nigerian boys in some small countries because they are Better organized and that so many Nigerian players are in Europe doing nothing in the name of looking for players abroad.

” I am calling on all the players in the league to boycott the league if the authority does not put in place these controls the forum as put together”

It is all for our own benefit, we all cannot travel out of the country to play soccer, so it is very important we make our own better

At the forum also was Daniel Joshua who played for 2007 under the 17 world cup winning team. According to him, he has an accident while going home from the under 21 camp in 2008, had an accident, and has not been on his feet since then.


The niger state governor took me to Germany some years back, I did operation but there was not enough money to finish the therapy, I am still bedridden till date.

He called on the players to learn from his situation, ” if I had insurance and pension scheme, my situation will not be like these. I am also calling on them to support the forum to fight for a better organized Nigeria league by boycotting the league.

He also called on the minister of sport Mr. Sunday Dare, the NNF president Mr. Pinnick to come to his aid for him to finish his treatment Abroad, he added, I have been permanently on the bed since 2008, I need help.

He was the right full-back player for Nigeria at the under 17 world cup under Yemi tells which we won in 2007. He was recognised for his efforts and called to the Under-21 camp in 2008. Sadly, while on his way to honour invitation to the Under-21 camp, Daniel had an accident on his way home as he was involved in a car crash along Minna road.

Sadly, he was abandoned and has been on wheelchair from that point onward. Mr. Daniel Joshua does not deserve this type of treatment from a nation he served with all his heart. He is an indigene of Kaduna State from Nok in Jaba Local Government. His father kicked the bucket as a resigned Nigerian Soldier. Daniel currently is living in Turaki Street, Angwan Romi in Kaduna.

Joshua Needs Minister of Sport Attention

He was taken to Germany by the governor of niger state then, but the person in charge of him then from the state government said money got finished so he could not finish his treatment, he as been at home since then.

He has written to different ministers in the past but all to no avail. He is pleading to the current minister Sunday Dare to come to his aid as he is suffering.

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