Current Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria (2022)

Current Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria (2022)—This article discusses the current cost of DNA testing in Nigeria for the year 2022. DNA testing is quite popular throughout the world, and it has established a foothold in the country as well. It is a test that analyzes someone’s genetic material (DNA) to establish whether they committed a certain crime or are the parent of a specific child.

Today in Nigeria, many children’s paternity has been questioned, owing to the high occurrence of infidelity in many marriages. In order to resolve these concerns, many have resorted to DNA testing to obtain accurate answers to their questions. Given its popularity in the country, it is reasonable to inquire how much it costs to conduct a DNA test in Nigeria. All of this will be addressed as the article progresses.


DNA tests are performed differently and using a variety of different methodologies, resulting in a range of pricing depending on where you go to get yours done. Even though there is a generic procedure for the most common sort of DNA testing, paternity testing, there are various additional ways to conduct DNA tests and obtain the desired results.

Currently, in Nigeria in 2022, the cost of a DNA test ranges between ₦50,000 and ₦120,000 Naira, depending on the clinic and the process used to do the test. DNA testing for legal purposes is more expensive, costing between ₦120,000 and ₦150,000.

The clinics, labs, or hospitals where the test is performed all have an effect on the cost, with private medical establishments being more expensive.


There are numerous locations throughout the country where DNA tests can be conducted. You can check with local hospitals, laboratories, and clinics to see if they will perform it for you as long as you have a valid reason. Locating the medical facility that will do the test is not a problem, as there are numerous hospitals that perform the exam.

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As long as you have the necessary funds to cover the cost of the test, you’re fine to go. Bear in mind that the cost of DNA testing in Nigeria as indicated in this article is subject to change, but it is critical that you prepare accordingly if you wish to get yours done.


There are numerous reasons why people today undergo DNA testing. Due to the country’s current relevance, many people perform it for forensic purposes in order to resolve criminal cases.

The most common cause for this procedure in Nigeria is to ascertain a child’s paternity. This has aided in determining whether or not a man is the biological father of a specific child. Interestingly, the DNA test can also be used to determine maternity and sibling tests.

DNA tests have also been beneficial in resolving judicial disputes. Occasionally, the majority of men flee their obligations. A woman may inform a man that he is the father of her kid, but he may angrily refute the claim. If the case proceeds to trial, a DNA test may be ordered.

If the result is revealed and brought to the court, and it is determined that the guy is indeed the child’s father, it will establish the woman’s innocence and ensure that the man accepts responsibility for the child. The DNA test is quite accurate and identifies both the father and child’s biological configuration.


DNA testing enables the determination of a baby’s paternity even before the infant is born. This is accomplished through prenatal DNA testing. This is conceivable because the DNA of an unborn kid is generated during conception and does not change.

The prenatal DNA test is a straightforward procedure that requires no special or sophisticated steps. Prenatal DNA testing is not prohibitively expensive, and you can collect your own DNA samples in the comfort of your own home prior to visiting a laboratory for the test.

If you require DNA findings for legal purposes, you must purchase legally permitted DNA testing from a facility. To have a DNA test result acknowledged in court, an impartial third party must collect DNA samples and guarantee the donors’ individuality is proven, as well as that chain of custody requirements are followed.

Once the DNA samples are gathered, they are transported to the lab for examination. Within three to seven working days, regardless of the procedure or type, DNA test results are available. DNA tests in judicial matters may take longer or may be expedited, depending on the urgency of the finding, which will incur additional fees.

The method in which the DNA test result is displayed is determined by the type of DNA test performed and the purpose of the test. Paternity and pregnancy tests are simpler than DNA sibling tests.

However, this article has been helpful in giving am insight into the Current cost of dna test in Nigeria and where a dna test can be conducted here in Nigeria.

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