Biography of Ruth Adekola, Wife of Odunlade Adekola

There is a popular saying that behind every successful man there is a woman, and this is certainly true in the case of Ruth Adekola

Ruth Adekola’s whole biography, as well as every other piece of information about this lovely woman of integrity, will be provided in this article.

If you’ve been wondering who Ruth Adekola is, you’ve come to the right spot.

Who is Ruth Adekola, and what is her background

Ruth Adekola is the wife of Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola, and she’s a well-known face in the industry. As many of you are aware, Odunlade Adekola is a well-known Yoruba actor who is also a member of the Nigerian film industry.

Odunlade Adekola Wife

Because of her husband’s celebrity, Ruth Adekola appears to be out of the spotlight and most people are unaware of her existence. However, for the benefit of Odunlade Adekola lovers and followers, we have taken the time to compose a complete biography of Ruth Adekola.

Biography of Ruth Adekola

Ruth Abosede Adekola is a resident of Ekiti state, and she was born on the 2nd of December in the state of Ekiti; however, the year of her birth has not been revealed. In Nigeria’s South-West area, she received her basic and secondary schooling before continuing her tertiary studies at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in Abeokuta, Ogun State (remember Odunlade Adekola also studied here).

As a devout Christian, she refused to give in to suitors, claiming that her spirit would not accept any of them. That is until Odunlade Adekola entered her life and changed everything.

When she first met her husband 22 years ago, she was in Abeokuta for a church service at a vigil, and she was reluctant to marry him since that is how ladies generally behave in her area of the world, despite knowing what she wanted in the end. The two of them agreed to be friends, and after several fasts and prayers, their relationship progressed to a more serious level, and she had confirmation from within herself that he was the one for her.

To the point of confirmation, we can all agree that Odunlade Adekola is unquestionably the right man for her. They began their relationship by going on dates and going out together. After a short period of time, Odunlade Adekola took the risky step of proposing to her, and she accepted the proposal without hesitation.

It progressed to the next level and they became entangled; their wedding took place in the year 2003, and the couple is blessed with four children.

Odunlade and Ruth Adekola Children

You might be asking how many children Ruth and Odunlade have. The answer is four. As it turns out, this wonderful couple has been blessed with four sons. A private hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State, was the site of their last child’s birth, which occurred in December of 2015.

His most recent child was born on November 23, 2015, and he has three other children. Adedore is the name given to the male child. The young man was born in a private hospital in the city of Abeokuta.

The picture of Odunlade’s fourth child and his wife was first made public on his Instagram account. The incident took place during the naming ceremony for his son. In 2013, they became parents to their third child.

During a press conference, the actor said that his two boys had expressed an interest in becoming actors. They looked up to their father as a shining example of achievement. Perhaps we will see them in one of Nigeria’s upcoming flicks. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some legendary stars got their start at an early age.

In addition, the children are die-hard football supporters. We anticipate that if the couple continues to have more attractive sons, they will soon get a full football team of their own to drive around in.

Odunlade Adekola and his family are a good example of how family obligations do not necessarily have to interfere with professional development and advancement. Adekola’s sons will always be the source of pride and affection for their grandfather. As a group, let us wish this actress continued happiness in her personal and professional life.

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Controversy in their Marriage

There is no doubt that controversies will inevitably arise. Odunlade Adekola is a young, attractive man who every woman would want to spend time with. He is also a successful actor, which has made him very well-known and adored by many people around the world. In order to navigate this type of relationship without disputes or consistent misunderstandings, a woman must be humble, calm, and trusted.

Much contentious news has been reported, and allegations have spread on social media regarding Odunlade Adekola dating his colleagues in the film industry, among other things. Despite all of this, we haven’t heard a single story about couples fighting in public or posting about their marriage or family problems on social media.

We once heard rumors of Odunlade Adekola having an affair with Kemi Afolabi, a Nollywood actress, and Odunlade Adekola’s colleague. The rumors spread far and wide, and during an interview with Odunlade Adekola’s wife Ruth, she insisted that it was just a rumor and that she believes her husband to be innocent of the allegations.

The myth was also dispelled by Kemi Afolabi, who was suspected of having a secret romance with Odunlade and revealed that she is happily married to her husband Wale Adesipe, despite the fact that he was born in the United Kingdom and is a Nigerian national. She doesn’t deny that she and Odunlade Adekola had a friendly relationship, which is very acceptable in this situation.

Having the status of celebrity comes with many responsibilities, and if you aren’t the calm kind, it may completely devastate your life. Kemi Afolabi admits to having numerous troubles with admirers who think her husband is cheating on her, but she simply ignores their claims.

Odunlade’s thought on his wife, Ruth

A lot of people know that the Nollywood actor and celebrity Odunlade Adekola loves and adores his wife. In fact, in every interview that he gives, he consistently mentions his wife, demonstrating to the world how strong their relationship is.

It seems Ruth is different from other women he’s been involved with, according to the actor. In addition to his acting job, she is a supportive wife and mother. He stated that Ruth has always been supportive of him, beginning with their wedding day and through to this day and that this has had a significant impact on their family.

He informed us that his wife does not have any friends because friends might have a bad impact on the family, and we are overjoyed for this lovely couple and their wonderful family.

Odunlade’s decision to show off his lovely wife to the public on her birthday was no surprise, and he was eager to compliment her on his Instagram page.

Ruth thought of her husband amidst the controversies

Ruth believes that, despite Odunlade’s widespread popularity, he is a very different guy when he is on set than he appears to be when he is not. In fact, he adores her and would never do anything to harm her. According to her, she is confident that her husband will never cheat on her, despite the fact that his career gives him access to a large number of women.

Ruth is not bothered by the numerous stories and scandals surrounding Odunlade, and she is quick to dispel them because she is familiar with her husband’s character.

You might be surprised to learn that Ruth has never had a huge disagreement with her spouse that would have garnered national media attention, as has happened with other celebrities throughout the country. She prefers to keep problems in their home under wraps and to find solutions inside the family.

Ruth feels that friends can be a source of distraction and can cause marriages to fail, just as they have done in the marriages of other Nollywood celebrities. As a result, she doesn’t keep friends or allow them to become involved in her calm marital life.

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