Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria

Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria: In the case that you’re searching for used car parts in Nigerian marketplaces or would want to learn more about the Ladipo International auto spare parts market in Nigeria, you’ve gotten at the correct place.

An overview of the automobile spare parts market in Nigeria, which includes Honda spare parts, Lexus spare parts, Volvo spare parts, Hyundai spare parts, Toyota spare parts, and other automotive accessories in Nigeria, is provided in this article.

Before you know it, your car will break down and your mechanic will tell you that “the part no dey market” because he is too lazy to seek for your car spare part, you will realize how vital it is to know the location of the nearest Car Spare Part Market or an Auto store near you.

The greatest places to acquire car spare parts in Nigeria are primarily concentrated in Lagos, Anambra, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, with the exception of a few other cities. In Nigeria, you may also get unique and hard-to-find automobile spare parts from a wide range of sources

Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria

As the world’s major manufacturing sector, the automotive industry is made up of companies and corporations that are involved in the invention, design, and manufacture of motor vehicles, as well as their marketing and sale.

These companies not only make and sell automobiles, but they also manufacture automobile spare parts, such as engines, tires, doors, windscreens, batteries, chassis, and other automobile accessories, in addition to automobiles. The best thing is that some of the spare components offered by the manufacturer are significantly less expensive than you might imagine.

In case you didn’t already know, these are some of the best places in Nigeria to purchase car spares parts and accessories.


The following are the best and most popular car spare parts markets in Lagos, Nigeria this 2022 and where they are located


The Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is the best, largest, and most popular car spare parts market not only in Lagos State but also in Nigeria as a whole, according to several surveys. Every other auto spare parts dealer in the country comes to Ladipo to source their vehicle parts because it is so well-known. It is located in Mushin, Lagos, and is extremely well-known. If you go to the Ladipo auto spare parts market, you will be able to find spare parts for almost every popular and not-so-popular but expensive vehicle brand in the country. These spare parts include everything from engines and car tires to car batteries as well as rims, windscreens, doors, and chairs, fog lights, to name a few.

Other items related to vehicles that are not automotive spare parts can be found at Ladipo Market, including second used automobiles, unwanted vehicles, smart car gadgets such as an airbag, Android, jacks, spanners, battery chargers, alarm systems, pliers, brake lock, and other similar items. Since the majority of items imported from Europe, North America, and Asia arrive at the Ladipo car spare parts market before they make their way to other regions of the country, this market is bustling with activity.

Here is the address to Ladipo Market if you want to know how to get to Ladipo market from anywhere in Lagos state. Regardless of where you reside in Lagos just take a bus to Oshodi, then from Oshodi take a bus to Mushin, alight at Ladipo bus stop or Toyota bus stop from there you should already be seeing different auto spare part warehouses.

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After passing through Mile 12 on Ikorodu Road, the Owode Onirin Auto Spare Parts Market can be found at Owode Onirin (not to be confused with Owode Elede, which is actually nearby). This market is considerably distinct from the Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market in that, whereas international items can be obtained at Ladipo, at Owode Onirin scrap metal market, only Nigerian used products can be discovered. Damaged metals are rebuilt at the Owode Onirin car market so that they are as good as new when they are finished. Founded in the 1980s, this market is one of the country’s oldest auto spare parts markets, having been in operation since then.

Along with scrap metal recycling, Owode has a vehicle area where damaged vehicles and reasonably used automobiles are piled up for sale, and a large number of automobiles are delivered to this auto spare parts market for refurbishment. Spare parts for the following vehicle models are available at Owode: Peugeot, Audi, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and other similar brands of vehicles.

Here is the address to Owode Auto market If you want to know how to get to Owode spare part market, just head to Ikorodu road either from Oshodi you board a bus going to Ikorodu or from Island you take a direct bus to Ikorodu then you stop at Owode bus stop or just tell your driver you are going to Iron market or Owode Onirin.


The Iyana-Itire Garage and Spare Parts Market is yet another renowned auto spare parts market in Lagos, Nigeria, that is blessed with automobile spare areas that are even harder to come by in other parts of the world. In Mushin, Lagos, it is located at Iyana-Itire, adjacent to the Onitire International Modern Market and the Onitire International Modern Market. Both markets provide automotive spare parts that have been imported from nations such as Germany, Japan, and Malaysia, among others.

When it comes to finding spare parts for your vehicles in Lagos State, the Onitire International Modern Market and the Iyana-Itire Garage Auto Market are two of the best places to go. You will be amazed at how much you can find when you pay a visit to either of these markets. Apart from importing foreign used spare parts into the country, the retailers at this spare parts market also source their spare parts locally in Nigeria by purchasing parts from old cars, cars involved in accidents, and auctioned parts, which helps the market maintain its position as one of the largest and best auto spare parts markets in Lagos State, Nigeria, today.

Here is the address to Onitire International Modern Market if you have been asking to know how to get to Onitire Auto spare parts market. From anywhere in Lagos, take a bus to Oshodi then another to Apapa then stop at Iyana Itire bus stop or if you reside in Surulere then this market is in your locality.

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The Best Place to Buy Car Spare Parts Online

The majority of people choose to purchase their items online, where they can meet the seller in person, communicate with him or her over the phone, and even chat with him or her. In addition, we have a large number of internet websites where you may meet spare part suppliers and even meet automobile dealerships to purchase whatever you desire.

Amazon, Olx, Flipkart, Jiji, Boodmo, and AuctionExport are some of the most prominent and well-known automotive spare parts websites. With the help of these sites, we have seen a significant increase in the number of buyers, and the automobile sector is doing very well on the internet, with quick growth in several top countries, including the most populous countries such as India, Nigeria, China, and so on.

The Method of Obtaining Automobile Spare Parts

This is where the term “salvage cars” comes from, which refers to insurance companies that, after inspecting a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or has been damaged or malfunctioning and determining that it is not repairable, instead of destroying or recycling the vehicle, sell the vehicle at a low price to the general public.

If the car is considered junk, and the parts can be taken from it to be used in other vehicles because repairing the car would be prohibitively expensive or prohibitively near to the price spent on purchasing the car new, they sell such vehicles in the open market.

In conclusion, we have discussed Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria.

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