Benefits Of Using a Prepaid Meter In Nigeria

All Distribution Energy Company In Nigeria is currently deploying energy prepaid meter across Nigeria through the newly initiated scheme known as Meters Asset Providers(MAP). The Aim of the MAP new initiatives was to eradicate estimated billing practices in Nigeria, Attract private investment to the provision of metering services, and also to Close to the metering gap within the country.

Many Nigerians today are unhappy as a result of the outrageous estimated bills giving by the electricity distribution companies in Nigeria because this has resulted in hardship and embarrassment on individuals, families, and even businesses within Nigeria. As a result of these huge estimated bills, many customers that are not satisfied with the huge bills have protested from time to time that governments should provide them prepaid meter to their various home and business premises that will measure accurately their consumptions. Despite all this, we still have people that are against the use of prepaid meter, the advantages of having them in your homes cannot be overemphasized

In this article, I will be highlighting the benefits of using prepaid meters both in your homes and business premises

1. RECHARGING MADE EASY: Customers on Postpaid bill also known as estimated bills will have to go to a nearby vendors or agents to make payment but with the new prepaid meter being installed across the country, you can easily recharge at the comfort of your homes. Ikeja Electric as a case study has various online payment options .With their payment options, you can make payment using their website Ikeja Electric Payment Portal, Quickteller, Internet Banking, Banks’ mobile apps, USSD codes, and POS.

The prepaid meter can also be called Pay as you go because you are making payment before you can enjoy the electric supply which has been made simpler with online payment platforms that provide services across the clock anytime any day. You truly don’t have to wait until Monday morning to recharge your prepaid meter that ran out over the weekend. You can without a doubt log onto these systems and recharge directly from your bank account. The ease of recharge for me is the greatest gain of the use of prepaid power meters in your property. It also saves you the time-wasting stress of long queues.

2. BUDGET: Unlike postpaid billing which you have no control over the amount given to you at the end of the month for the energy consumed, in your prepaid meter, you can keep track of what you spend on power monthly. This enables you to plot your price range properly and you analyze how you can manage your consumptions. If alongside the line, you discover you have been spending above your price range on energy, despite prepaid meters, There is every chance that your electricity tariff may have increased or the prepaid meter could be faulty. Either way, you must find out what the problem could be.

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3. YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE: The good thing about prepaid meter is that your meter will not read when there is no power supply, in that sense, you will only be paying for what you use only unlike those on estimated billing, With or without power supply, the bills will still come towards the end of the month. With prepaid meters, you most effectively pay for what you use. Your pay as you go meter stops reading the moment there is no energy supply, and it starts reading the moment supply is restored. A prepaid power meter has a study out which displays your gadgets as well as the degree of energy consumption. This allows you to know the energy you have consumed and therefore price range higher each month. If you often get power payments at the month which might be surprisingly better than you ever thought, then switching to prepaid will assist you to monitor and use your electricity greater efficiently.

4. SAVES YOU FROM EMBARRASSMENT: Many time disconnection teams of various distribution companies disconnect your supply for non-payment on electricity bills but that’s not possible if you are using a prepaid meter. With your estimated billing device or postpaid meters, you just may not be capable of predicting what you come home to meet after a hectic day’s job. Your house may get disconnected just because your neighbor didn’t pay his/her bill. We’ve seen this happen several times. This isn’t the case with prepaid meters.

5. SECURITY: If you are using a postpaid meter in your house, from time to time, you will come across meter readers. In the past, you may not bother if someone is coming to your house but unfortunately in this day and age there are several security dangers related to meter readers’. Unfortunately, due to crime and fraud, having unknown people for your premises or maybe in your private home is extraordinarily undesirable. If you switch to pay as you go energy there are not any meter readers at all, so there’s no risk.

6. YOU MANAGE YOUR USAGE: In a country like Nigeria where people are not concerned when it comes to managing their resources especially customers on direct supply, excesses are curtailed with the installation of pay as you go meters fully aware that your pay as you go meter is reading based on the number of electrical appliances you put on; wastage is curtailed as you’re compelled to switch off all that you aren’t using.

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7. NO BILLING INACCURACIES: Have you ever needed to dispute your energy bill as it was not accurate? If you are the use of prepaid electricity you are in control of exactly how a whole lot you purchase each month. You cannot be over-billed by the energy organization as you can only use what you have bought. Using pay as you go power allows you to more accurately budget for power every month.

8. AVOID NON-PAYMENT PROBLEMS: Not paying your electricity bill on time can motive many problems and harm your credit record. Switching to prepaid strength will mean you never have to worry approximately any troubles related to now not paying your strength invoice on time.

9. NO DISCONNECTION / RECONNECTION FEES: If your energy has been disconnected before you will know that there are penalty charges related to disconnection and reconnection of power at your home or business. Having a pay as you go meter to your premises will suggest you in no way must worry about being disconnected and the extra payments required for reconnection.

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