All You Need to Know Before Starting A Pure water Business In Nigeria

Are you looking forward to beginning a commercial enterprise in Nigeria, in this article we will be discussing all you need to know earlier than embarking on pure water commercial enterprise here in Nigeria? I greatly suggest you starting this enterprise due to the fact everybody needs water. At our homes, at work, at events, and on other occasions. It even will become greater in demand at some stage in the dry season when lots of wells dry up and human beings’ desire for sachet water increases. The enterprise of producing purified water along with pure water otherwise known as sachet water is certainly one of the most lucrative businesses that are thriving very well even in this modern economy. This isn’t a commercial enterprise that loses trend due to the fact People will keep needing water and food to survive, so, you can by no means run a brief of customers. That being said, there also are exceptions to the rule. You can run at a loss whilst you do the right enterprise the incorrect way.

With the increasing population, the authorities cannot provide clean and lower-priced ingesting water, and potentially, the fear inside the public minds regarding the sugar content material in soft liquids makes pure water the most effective to be had commodity to quench thirst.

The sizeable majority of the teaming populace drink natural water. I drink it, you drink it, indeed the overpowering majority of the people drink pure water. This is the reason why it’s miles considered one of the growing and lucrative business in Nigeria besides records technology. The marketplace is to be had in all the towns and villages, so it does not certainly matter wherein you are, you could set up a commercial enterprise of natural water in any part of Nigeria and be profitable if run properly.

In this article, I may be tutoring you on how to begin a natural water enterprise in Nigeria.

1. Business plan
In case you don’t recognize what marketing strategy is – A business plan is a written report that includes all details of your pure water commercial enterprise startup and operational goals and strategies.

There is no need for elaborate feasibility look at and document for the reason that demand/marketplace is to be had and at the increase. What is required is a marketing strategy to help set up from the onset of the financing of the project – the quantity of cash needed. The business plan turns into vital at this stage as it determines the extent of investment required and where it is coming from. The stage of pure water business can range from the use of a two-bedroom flat to blocks of flats, depending on which category you’re investing in. The Bottle water marketing strategy ought to encompass operational targets and strategies, start-up and operating value, marketing, advertising and marketing, and sales strategies, pricing and earnings margins, providers list, marketplace research and marketing management, etc.

Your pure water manufacturing marketing strategy may be used for obtaining business loans, securing traders and for other analytical purposes, and can be modified as the commercial enterprise matures to better outline and use the possibility to steady loans for the enterprise

2. A befitting region for enterprise (manufacturing unit site)

Minimum of 1 plot will do for your enterprise, except you are going for something a great deal bigger. But if it’s a small scale natural water production plant, you may be good with one plot of land and always bear in mind the fact that your manufacturing unit should be constructed in an area where there is the simple access to the market.

Your factory, in case you’re constructing one or remodeling, ought to have the subsequent layout;

Water manufacturing room
Storage cloth room
Finished product room
Laboratory room
General workplace room
Be sure to carry out a subsurface water analysis before siting your manufacturing unit, this would save you a variety of cash throughout water remedy processes.


The backside line is profitability. However, other facilities ought to be in the region, which includes the safety of the manufacturing unit, strength, get entry to the road, etc.

3. Install distillation gadget for water purification

Distillation is the single most effective technique of water purification for pure water manufacturing and can be used on all kinds of incoming water. Unlike other treatment techniques which include carbon filters and reverse osmosis, distillation systems are effective on genuinely all contaminants and are not dependent on water pressure, water temperature, pH, or chlorine and may even be used on water containing micro organism and parasites and still produce safe, 99.9% natural water.

You may additionally install the entire scale distillation gadget or the extremely-violet sterilization bulbs method relying on the begin-up ability of the agency. The cost of acquisition of distillation equipment might also run into thousands and thousands of naira. The real value cannot be predicted with actuality and should be researched upon as its miles going to be part of the expenditure included within the marketing strategy.

4. Get an Automatic sealing machine
Another vital gadget that is the engine of your manufacturing line is the Automatic sealing machine. You want just one however if you are planning for a very high volume manufacturing, you will need like two or three but on a regular production, one may be very okay.

Automated Sealing Machine

Automatic sealing devices have to be in the area according to the scale of the day by day manufacturing envisaged. The value additionally has to be verified before embarking on the project.

5. Get packaging substances
Rolls of appropriate nylon materials that need to be revealed the employer’s name and the emblem name of the pure water ought to be procured. The variety of rolls procured ought to be according to the capacity of the enterprise.

6. Employ Factory Workers
This is one of the maximum sensitive issues of your commercial enterprise. Human resources are the lifeblood that drives the whole mechanism of your production. Be careful about your selection. Recruit staff starting from operators of the machines, packagers, a cleaner, driver, one sales staff, one protection employee, and a supervisor. This will ensure the particular positions are well manned.

7. Electricity
The generator set must additionally be hooked up to electricity the operations. There are extraordinary capacities of mills and also one of a kind producers and it all relies upon at the capability of the enterprise as well as the start-up capital.

8. Acquire a truck for distribution
Your next huge finances acquisition after the sealing system is a supply truck. Do not be economical for your finances whilst it comes to supply trucks. You realize the situation of Nigerian roads and in most cases, you will be going deep into the growing regions to supply. There is not anything as terrible as shopping for a truck that breaks down so frequently, it can kill your enterprise. The truck must be able to deliver reasonable baggage of pure water for distribution to an exceptional number of customers for it to be profitable.

9. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Get NAFDAC Approval
Finally, you’ve got come to this degree, your very last step before production. Every enterprise organization, whether or not a sole proprietorship or limited liability corporation should be registered with CAC for accountability. In the same vein, each enterprise in food and capsules inclusive of drinkables must be registered with the government regulator. Every enterprise additionally has to sign in with the applicable tax authority (Federal Inland Revenue or the State Internal Revenue).

How is that done?

Start by going to the NAFDAC workplace to obtain and fill the relevant forms. The method will take you as tons as 3 months and up to six months earlier than you get the certificate.

The satisfactory thing you need to do now could be to get the Application Requirement. Read it and start following the strategies as define. You are not going to supply nor sell until your production is approved

10. Find Reliable Customers
Make contacts without delay with stores who’re going to promote the water. Always set up their creditworthiness earlier than granting credit score, otherwise, they can send you out of the enterprise.

Starting a pure water business in Nigeria may be very lucrative and could require passion, hard work, and a reasonable amount of cash.

To start a natural water business in Nigeria, a begin-up capital of about three million nairas is needed and you are correct to go.

This is handiest a guide, the size of the organization determines the scale of operations, the funding in cash, human capital, and machines.

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