7 Things that kept people entertained during COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown was a difficult period for everyone. However, people started finding fun ways to keep themselves entertained and busy. Let’s have a look at some of those so-called “entertaining” ways:

In 2020, the world went through a series of events. It was no less than a roller coaster ride, as life itself seemed to have gone completely awry.

People were stricken with a global pandemic known as Covid-19, which had a significant impact on every facet of daily life.

Governments across the globe took severe measures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further, imposing lockdowns that left people resorting to means such as watching videos or reading books to pass time until they’d be free from quarantine and could once again meet with friends and family members they haven’t seen since the outbreak began in the fall of 2019.

Covid-19 lockdown
Covid-19 doctors at frontline

The COVID-19 Lockdown was a learning experience unlike most. During the lockdown, students, staff, and faculty were locked in buildings from 7:30 PM Thursday night until 7:30 AM Friday morning.

Those who were stuck in the buildings couldn’t go out for food, and those who were allowed to leave the buildings for food had to go out in groups and return immediately afterwards.

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This meant that entertainment options were limited, and people had to make do with whatever they could find.

Here are 7 Things that kept people entertained during COVID-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 lockdown
Back to school. Happy child and adult are sitting at desk. Girl doing homework or online education.


The lockdown also gave the people plenty of time to take it easy and spend more quality time with themselves.

Whether they’d had a falling out with their hobbies or have neglected them for a long time, most people took this as a chance to either refresh themselves about past hobbies, or even start a new one.

For example, many started rekindling their interest in old habits like painting or writing, while others went on to try new ones like playing musical instruments or pottery perhaps.

As you can see, the lockdown resulted in most people getting back in touch with their hobbies at the very least!


Movies have worked wonders to entertain the masses for centuries. Movies have always been popular with people of different ages; Films of all genres and languages ​​have considerable audiences. Hence, people began to turn to movies to eradicate boredom.

TV series are also hugely popular with people around the world and have the potential to keep viewers busy. These forms of entertainment were very popular with us during our detention.

People began to spend more time watching movies and TV shows of all genres to cope with the stress of social distancing.

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Social media plays an important role in our lives in all aspects. Social media can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

The blackout period resulted in users spending more time on social media platforms than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have also won many new users.

TikTok enabled people to post video content and connect with others while promoting social distancing at the same time. You stayed in touch with your friends and family by using the facilitated chat feature through social media platform you can buy legitimate Tiktok views to improve your account


YouTube is a popular application that is used by almost everyone. It allows you to post and watch videos on various topics. You can create different channels according to your areas of interest and publish relative video content for others to see.

Features include a multi-channel subscription. , Write comments and like the videos. Tutorial videos, for example on cooking and handicrafts, are very popular and can be consulted if necessary.

YouTube has been a major contributor to the growth of major social media influencers. This made it an important platform for everyone. he wanted to get rid of boredom.


If you’re stranded at home, another way to pass the time is to play video games. There are other methods to play in addition to the titles you may already own or have downloaded from the PlayStation or Microsoft Store for Xbox.

If you’re searching for a different gaming experience, Google Stadia and Apple Arcade are both worth checking out because of their exclusive content.

A Play Pass is also available from Google for a more economical gaming experience (in comparison to Stadia). If you’re a PC gamer, Steam has a wealth of games to choose from.


Even if you can’t leave the house, you can still spend a day at a museum thanks to technological advances. 12 institutions provide virtual tours, according to Travel & Leisure.

Famous destinations in the United States and abroad, such as Seoul, Berlin, Florence, and others, are available to visit. The Google Arts and Culture app for iPhone and Android can also help you get your fix of art.

The software allows you to examine paintings in augmented reality, read about masterpieces, and identify your renowned painting twin. If you’re looking for new places to visit, don’t forget to check out Google Maps.


While lounging on the couch can be enjoyable, you may become restless after a while. There are plenty of virtual fitness programs to select from that you can do from the comfort of your own home, but the key is to find one that you enjoy and that matches your lifestyle.

FitOn, for example, is a free fitness software with a lot of features that other applications fee for. Other apps, like Pocket Yoga, offer free features but require a subscription to access the complete experience.

You can also work out on YouTube or with your Google Home. Working out at home does not necessitate the purchase of an expensive home gym.

You may just need to clear a little amount of space depending on the workout you want to do. Resistance training, some barre exercises, pilates, and yoga, for example, just take up a few square feet and don’t require any special equipment.

Furthermore, several Instagram fitness coaches, such as Jaclyn Ho, have begun streaming live lessons on IGTV, and you may be able to persuade your extremely fit friend to post their workout on Facebook Live.



We hope you enjoyed our post about what kept people entertained during COVID-19 lockdown. We know that everyone was excited to come out of lockdown and get back to their normal lives.

It can be tough to entertain yourself during the COVID-19 lockdown especially when you’re stuck in a room for nearly an entire day. We hope that this blog post has helped you learn how to entertain yourself in a room with your friends and fellow.

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