7 smart Google Keep features you’re missing out on

7 smart Google Keep features you’re missing out on: If you’re unfamiliar with Google Keep, it’s the company’s simple, colorful, cross-platform note-taking application. However, if you look beyond the bright rectangles, you’ll discover a wealth of useful functionality that goes far beyond setting reminders and serving as a collaboration tool.

Smart Google Keep features you’re missing out on

We offer a few pointers to help you get the most of it.

1. Distribute notes

You are not required to keep notes to yourself; you can share them with others as well, which is useful for creating shopping lists or planning vacations. When you’re on the web and creating or editing a note, click the collaborator button (it’s a small figure with a plus icon on top) and enter the email addresses of the people you want to grant access to.

When generating or modifying notes on mobile, the collaborator button is not visible; instead, you must hit the three dots (lower right) to access the option. Collaborators will have complete access to the note and will be able to edit its contents, color, and anything else the note creator can edit.

2. Alternate your backgrounds

Color-coding your notes is an effective method to organize your Google Keep experience. However, you may also add backdrop graphics to those messages that you really want to stand out.

Tap the background options button (it resembles a painter’s palette), and in addition to the standard palette of pastel colors, you can choose from nine images, each of which is themed around a specific subject, such as recipes or music.

3. Convert notes to currency

Occasionally, a Google Keep note is insufficient to carry all of your thoughts—or you simply want to be able to format the text as you enter it. For these and other scenarios, you can convert a note to a complete Google Docs document that is editable within Google Drive. This will automatically produce a copy, ensuring that you retain your original message.

On the web, you can copy a note to Google Docs by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the note and selecting Copy to Google Docs. On mobile, press and hold the note in the main screen, then tap the three dots (top right), followed by Copy to Google Docs. Nota bene, no background colors or graphics are duplicated.

Additionally, notes can be dragged and dropped into an existing Google Doc. Enter the document on the web, and then click the small arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to open the Google applications sidebar. To view your notes, click the Google Keep icon, and then drag and drop them in.

4. Reminders via links

Google Keep is capable of both setting reminders and taking notes. On mobile or the web, click or tap the Remind me button (which resembles a bell with a plus symbol) next to any note to add a reminder.

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You can schedule a reminder for a specific date and time, or depending on your location. That is, when your phone or laptop reaches the specified location, Google Keep will ping you.

5. Nesting materials

Your lists may be more intricate than you know, as Google Keep enables you to stack items beneath one another. One advantage of this approach is that when you check the top item, all the items nested beneath it are also examined.

You can nest items only on web notes, but they will appear wherever you have access to the Keep platform. Use the six-dot handle to the left of a list item to click and drag it, then drop it on top of another item and to the right to create a nested list.

6. Include labels

Labels are an extremely important tool for organizing your notes, especially as you add more notes over time. You’ll be able to click or tap on one to view all related notes and conduct a subject search.

To do so on the web, tap the three dots at the bottom of a note and choose Add label. On a mobile device, tap the three dots, followed by Labels. Google Keep will organize your labels in the left-hand sidebar for quick access and will allow you to change them straight from there. To access the sidebar on mobile, hit the menu button (three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner).

7. Construct doodles

Don’t overlook the doodle option—it enables you to create a new note with an accompanying drawing or to add an artistic touch to an existing note. To use the painting option, which resembles a paintbrush, click the three dots next to a note on the web or hit the + button in the lower-left corner of a note on mobile.

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You can choose from a number of brushes and pens, as well as a variety of various colors. Even better, providing your handwriting is sufficiently good, Google Keep can scan any handwritten text included in your drawings, allowing you to search for specific terms within your doodled notes.


So far we have been able to list and talk about the 7 smart Google Keep features you’re missing out on.

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