Study in France: Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship for International Students

In the heart of academic aspirations, where knowledge meets global perspectives, the Universite Paris-Saclay extends a welcoming hand to international students. The 2024 Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship Programme isn’t just a scholarship; it’s an invitation to shape your academic destiny. As you stand on the threshold of this opportunity, envision not just a scholarship application but a transformative journey that can elevate your educational aspirations to new heights.

Picture yourself immersed in a community where diversity is celebrated, and academic excellence is not just a goal but a shared commitment. This isn’t just about joining a Master’s program; it’s about becoming part of a university that values international collaboration and supports your academic ambitions, even up to the doctoral level.

Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship Summary:

  • Host Country: France
  • Study Abroad: Study in Europe
  • Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: €10,000 per year | Travel Allowance | Stipends
  • Deadline: May 3, 2024

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Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship Details:

Based on academic achievements, these scholarships are aimed at students admitted to a Master’s programme delivered by Université Paris-Saclay and provided by one of the following insitutions: AgroParisTech, CentraleSupelec, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay), INSTN-CEA, Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS), Université d’Evry-Val-d’Essonne (UEVE), Université Paris-Saclay (UPSaclay), Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ).

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These scholarships are awarded for 1 or 2 years to students enrolled in a Master’s programme at Université Paris-Saclay, depending on their admission level (M1 or M2), and subject to completion of the required number of credits to go through to the following year of study.

Benefits of Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship:

  • The amount of the Université Paris-Saclay scholarship is 10,000€ per year. It is paid by Université Paris-Saclay for the duration of the academic year, and for a period of 10 consecutive months (September to June).
  • A maximum of 1,000€ for travel and visa expenses can also be awarded depending on the candidate’s country of origin.
  • Laureates will receive their scholarship as well as travel expenses only upon arrival in France and once they have enrolled in the programme to which they were admitted.
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Eligibility Requirements for 2024 Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship:

To be considered for the Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship, appllicants must be:

  • Newly arrived international students, aged 30 and less during the course of the selection year.
  • Students of foreign nationality living on the French soil for less than a year, previously or currently enrolled in a training course or internship that does not lead to certification.
  • Students of foreign nationality living on the French soil for less than a year, taking language classes (type FFL).
  • Students who have lived in France in the past, within the framework of a mobility programme during their studies (e.g. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees, exchange programme…) that did not lead to certification.

How to Apply for Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship:

Interested and qualified applicants should use the “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button to proceed to the application page and follow the steps below:

  • Selected students will automatically be sent a link by email to an online application form.
    Upon reception of this email, students wishing to apply will need to complete the online application form and provide (mandatory) the names and contact details of two referees who would be willing to submit a reference for the candidate (director of studies, professor, internship coordinator…)
  • Each of the two referees named by the candidate will be sent a link by email to an online recommendation form. They will be asked to complete and submit the form prior to the closing day of the scholarship call. The candidate will automatically be informed when each referee has submitted the form.
  • The application file for a scholarship will be considered complete when both recommendation forms have been submitted by the referees.
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Deadline: May 3, 2024

As you contemplate applying for the 2024 Universite Paris-Saclay Scholarship Programme, remember, this isn’t just about gaining a scholarship; it’s about gaining access to a transformative educational experience.

Dive into our comprehensive guide, and let your academic journey at Universite Paris-Saclay unfold. The opportunities are vast, the community is enriching, and the potential for personal and academic growth is boundless.

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