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Do you know there are companies that sponsor work visas in ireland? Are you eager to work in the scenic landscapes of Dublin? Good news! Many companies in Ireland are keen to hire foreign talent and are willing to sponsor work visas. In this article, we’ll unveil the world of companies offering visa sponsorship for foreign workers, making your dream of working in Ireland a reality.

Ireland, a country in north-western Europe with Dublin as its capital and largest city, offers several career benefits to foreigners as career seekers flourish and make exploits due to the many growth opportunities that abound in the country. Big companies in Ireland offer several job opportunities. Some of these Companies’ Sponsor Work Visas in Ireland are available for qualified foreigners who are specialists.

Because of Ireland’s competitive salaries and low taxes, many foreign workers are willing to take up job opportunities in Irish companies that provide work visas in Ireland. There are several other reasons why people choose to work in Ireland: social security, healthcare benefits, endless educational benefits, sightseeing opportunities, cheap and convenient travel options, etc.

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Companies Sponsoring Work Visas in Ireland 

Working in Ireland as a foreigner will require that you have a work visa. Obtaining a visa can be rigorous and challenging for foreigners who want to move to Ireland.  It is essential to state that many companies in Ireland offer visa sponsorship arrangements for highly skilled and competent foreign workers to make their immigration seamless.

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Top companies in Ireland offer jobs with visa sponsorship to foreign workers who wish to move to Ireland. The following are companies offering visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland:



Accenture plc, an Irish-American services company based in Dublin, is one of the top companies in Ireland, with a reported revenue of $64.1 billion in 2023. The company specializes in information technology services and consulting. Accenture plc, as of 2022, was considered the largest consulting firm in the world by number of employees.

Job Offers at Accenture:

There are several job offers at Accenture, and you can join as an experienced professional, student, intern, or entry-level job seeker. The following jobs are available: Consulting jobs, Corporate jobs, Digital jobs, Operations jobs, Strategy jobs, Technology jobs.

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Medtronic plc, an American company with operational headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its legal headquarters in Ireland, is one of the top companies in Ireland with high revenue. Medtronic plc moved its headquarters to Ireland in 2015 after acquiring Irish-based Covidien. Medtronic operates in over 150 countries, employs around 90,000 people, and is among the biggest medical device companies in the world.

Job Positions:

Many job positions are available in Medtronic plc, including Finance Specialists, Sales and Marketing Support, Medical Affairs Expert, Engineering Professionals, Research and Development Experts, etc.


Eaton Corporation plc is an American-Irish multinational power management company with sales in 2022 of $20.75 billion, founded in the United States with global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Eaton is known for investing in their employee’s growth and development, which translates to investing in the company’s future.

Job Positions at Eaton:

Field Service Representative, Technical Customer Center Specialist, Sales Representative, Senior Controls Engineer, Test Engineer, Business Ops and Advance Analytics, Software Engineer, Technical Sales, Accountants, etc.


Trane Technologies plc, with corporate headquarters in Ireland, is a manufacturing company focused on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Trane creates comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments for commercial and residential applications.

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Job Offers at Trane:

The following job offers are available at TRANE Technologies for experienced and entry-level workers in the fields of Engineering and Technologies, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Marketing & Communications, Product Management, Project Management, Sales and service, Strategy & Operational Excellence, Support Services, etc.


Experian plc is a multinational data analytics and consumer credit reporting company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is the world’s leading global information services company. The company provides data and analytical tools to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers, and automate decision-making. Its activities are grouped into four global business lines: Credit Services, Decision Analytics, Marketing Services, and Consumer Services.

Job Positions at Experian Plc:

The following jobs are available at Experian Plc: Software Engineering Jobs, Mailroom Support Agent, Information Security Specialist, Human Resources Officers, Compliance Testing Lead, Client Service Executive, IT DevOps Engineer, Admin and operation Specialist, Data Modeler, Analytics Consultant, etc.

Other companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Ireland include Cement Roadstone Holding, Johnson Controls, Flutter Entertainment, Aptiv, Steris, ICON plc, Kerry Group, Seagate Technology, AerCap, Kingspan Group, etc.

The companies sponsoring work visas in Ireland are your gateway to a new career and a chance to explore the Emerald Isle. Ireland is open to welcoming talent worldwide. So, take the opportunity, explore the job options, and begin your exciting journey to working in this picturesque country. Your Irish work adventure awaits!

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