Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops For Free In 2023-2024

Having a laptop can make going to college online more accessible, but not everyone can afford one. When you study online, you need a good computer. With a laptop, you can do your schoolwork from anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Certain schools let students borrow laptops. They can take one for the weekend or even longer. Other schools let students buy laptops at a lower cost. Sometimes, the laptop’s price is included in the school fees, so students can use money from financial aid to get a laptop.

Some schools are nice and give students a laptop for free. If you want to save money, you can find out which online colleges provide laptops for students in 2023.

Why Laptop is Necessary for Online Learning

In 2021-22, people spent a lot more money on technology for school than other things they needed, says a group called the National Association of College Stores. Many schools understand that students might struggle if they can’t use computers on campus and can’t afford to buy a laptop. Some of these schools give students laptops for free. Others let students borrow laptops when they need them.

When schools help students with gadgets, it makes things easier for them and helps them do better in their classes—schools like having students who do well because it makes them look good. In 2023, online colleges are getting ready to help students succeed in their programs by giving them laptops.

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Where Can I Get a Free Laptop for College?

Here is a list of online colleges that provide laptops in 2023. Each school has its own rules. Students should read and understand the rules and terms before they decide.

At some schools, you can borrow a laptop until you finish college. After you graduate, the laptop becomes yours. But if you leave school before graduating, you might need to return or buy the laptop. Some schools give you a laptop for free. Others add extra charges for technology to pay for the laptop.

Dakota State University

Since 2004, DSU has been giving new laptops to students in their first year and going to school full-time. DSU sets up these laptops, which are Fujitsu T Series, to work with the school’s classes. These laptops have special software and can connect to the school’s secure networks. They also come with extra batteries and a warranty. Students can get help on campus or fix their laptops if they have problems.

When DSU students finish around 59 classes, they can buy their laptops for the regular price or decide not to participate in the program. Students who want to use their computers must have ones that work just as well as the school’s laptops.

Full Sail University

At Full Sail, students get a particular laptop as part of a program called Apple’s Project LaunchBox. Most students get an Apple MacBook Pro. But if you’re studying software development, game development, or simulation and visualization, you’ll get an HP laptop instead. The laptop you get depends on what you’re studying, and it comes with special software and things you need for your classes.

Moravian University


When you start at Moravian, they give you a MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad. People who work with technology (IT staff) at the school help you prepare these devices. The MacBook has a unique app that lets you download software and use things from the school. You can get Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Apple’s software.


If something goes wrong with your laptop or iPad, you’re covered by a warranty from Apple called AppleCare+. But if you accidentally damage them, it’s not covered. If you have device problems, you can get help from Moravian’s IT help desk.

The University of Minnesota Crookston

Since 1993, UMC has given laptops to students and teachers on campus. They give out 14-inch HP Elitebooks that can work like regular laptops or be used like tablets. UMC has something called the Campus Notebook Program.

They give out laptops to students at the beginning of each semester, whether new or coming back. If a student leaves the school, they must return the laptop. If they don’t, after six weeks, they have to pay for the laptop plus extra charges.

Wake Forest University

Students at Wake Forest University have a unique program called WakeWare. Through this program, they can buy laptops at a lower price. If you get financial aid, you might also get help to pay for the laptop. These laptops come with free software for school, like Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. They also have a four-year warranty and insurance, which even covers accidents.

However, if students already have their laptops, they must ensure they meet the school’s minimum requirements.

Other Programs for Free or Low-Cost College Laptops

Don’t be sad if you can’t get a laptop from your school. Some groups help students who need laptops. They give out laptops for free or cheap through educational programs and scholarships.

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Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program gives a special prize to 500 new students starting college. They get a scholarship of $20,000, a free laptop, and some money to use for textbooks. To be part of this, students must have a 2.4 GPA in high school and be eligible for the Pell Grant.

PCs for People

PCs for People is a place where people who don’t have a lot of money can buy computers for less. They have laptops and regular computers that are fixed up and work well. They sell brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The price is between $135 and $185.

Laptops 4 Learning

The Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) program allows low-income students to sign up for donations from family, friends, and community members. They can ask their family, friends, and community members for help. When they get enough help, they can get a computer for free. L4L also sells laptops that work well and come with a one-year warranty. These laptops start at $145.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Are you having trouble getting a computer and the internet? The Affordable Connectivity Program can help. If your household qualifies, you can get a discount of $100 off a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. You can also get $30 off your monthly internet bill.

FAFSA and Pell Grants

Students can use financial aid and grants to pay for a laptop. When they fill out a form called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and get a Federal Pell Grant, it covers the cost of classes and school fees. If there’s extra money left over, students can get a check to buy things they need for school, like a laptop.


Having a laptop can make going to college online more accessible, but not everyone can afford one. When you study online, you need a good computer. With a laptop, you can do your schoolwork from anywhere with Wi-Fi. But if you don’t have a means, register for any of the above online colleges that provide laptops to students. For more scholarship opportunities, click here.

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