50 Undergraduate and Masters in Public Health Scholarships in 2023

Studying for a master’s and doctoral degree cost a fortune, especially in highly sought-after universities; a master’s in public health is not exempted. One way to study without thinking much about the cost is through scholarships. Hence, this guide will provide information about Masters in public health scholarships in 2023.

Students pursuing an MPH degree are presented with a multitude of financial opportunities to support their education. As the demand for professionals in the public health field continues to rise, various scholarships, grants, and financial aid have emerged, easing the financial burden on this career path. By availing of these resources, you can alleviate your financial constraints and focus on obtaining your desired degree. Fortunately, there is no need to bear the full cost of education when alternative funding options are readily available.

Scholarships and grants for MPH students are commonly awarded based on factors such as area of study, degree pursued, ethnicity, religion, and financial need, among others. Familiarizing yourself with the array of options will enable you to identify the most suitable financial avenues.

Below are some well-known scholarships and grants worth considering:

  1. Institution-based grants and scholarships: Every educational institution offers its own set of financial aid programs and masters in public health scholarships also fall here. By consulting with your academic advisor, you can gain valuable insights into the diverse financial options provided by your school. Given the increasing demand for public health professionals, schools worldwide are offering numerous opportunities. Thus, refer to your school or program’s website for detailed information on available options.
  2. Private organizations: Various organizations operating in the public health sector extend their support to aspiring professionals through grants and scholarships. These opportunities come in various forms and sizes, and notable examples include:
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • Association of Schools of Public Health
  • National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
  • American Cancer Society and Related Foundations
  • Pfizer, Merck, and Abbott
  1. William Hobson Scholarship: Particularly renowned among students pursuing an MD/MPH joint degree, the William Hobson Scholarship stands as one of the most sought-after masters in public health scholarships. Its mission is to empower future doctors aspiring to make significant contributions in the public health domain, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become future leaders.
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By exploring these avenues, you can access the financial support needed to pursue your MPH degree without unnecessary financial strain.

50+ Scholarships & Grants for Public Health!

You can find details of each master’s in public health scholarship on the scholarship’s website, including application requirements, deadlines, and more information. Due to the ever-changing nature of scholarship requirements, we only include sources, qualifications, amounts, and direct links to the website.

Source Qualifications Amount Visit
AAHE Delbert Oberteuffer Scholarship Doctoral 1500 Visit
Academy Foundation Student Scholarship Doctoral Varies Visit
Advancing Public Health Excellence (APEX) Scholarships Undergraduate, Graduate, phD 10k Visit
Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship Graduate 5k Visit
Arkansas Public Health Scholarship Undergraduate 1k Visit
Bill and Judy Bridgers Endowed Scholarship Undergraduate N/A Visit
Brown Scholars Doctoral Varies Visit
Cathy L. Brock Health Care Scholarship Graduate 1k Visit
Community Health Initiative (CHI) Scholarships Undergraduate N/A Visit
Cooley Masters Scholarship Graduate 1k Visit
Corris Boyd Scholars Program Graduate 40k Visit
David A. Winston Health Policy Scholars Program Graduate 10k Visit
Dr. Alma S. Adams Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 5k Visit
Drexel University of Public Health Scholarships Graduate 8-17k Visit
Elliott C. Roberts Scholarship Graduate 1k Visit
Environmental Public Health Scholarship Undergraduate 600 Visit
Erma Byrd Scholarship Graduate Varies Visit
Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship Program Undergraduate Varies Visit
General Mills Health Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 2500 Visit
Georgia Health Foundation Scholarship Graduate 5k Visit
Healthcare Information Management Systems Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate, phD 5k Visit
Indian Health Services Scholarships Graduate Varies Visit
Integrated Health Scholarship Program Graduate 20k Visit
Joan Weinberg Wolf Scholarship Undergraduate Varies Visit
Johns Hopkins Masters Full Tuition Visit
Johnson and Johnson Doctoral Tuition + Visit
Louis Stokes Health Scholars Program Undergraduate 4k- 8k Visit
Lowell & Leslie Kruse Scholarship Graduate up to 15k Visit
Mat-Su Health Foundation Undergraduate, Graduate Varies Visit
National Health Service Corps Scholarship 4th Year Student Varies Visit
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate 20k Visit
Oregon Health Care Foundation Continuing Education 500 Visit
Robert W. Crawford Student Literary Award Undergraduate, Graduate 500 Visit
Society for Public Health Education Undergraduate, Graduate Varies Visit
Sommer Scholars Graduate Varies Visit
Texas Medical Association Fifty Year Club Scholarship Graduate 1500 Visit
Texas Medical Association Graduate 5k Visit
The ACMPE Scholarship Fund, Inc. Undergraduate, Graduate 1-5k Visit
The Foster G. McGaw Scholarship Graduate 5k Visit
The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Undergraduate 20k Visit
The Tellus Leadership Scholarship Graduate n/a Visit
Transamerica Retirement Solutions Leaders in Health Care Graduate 5k Visit
Truman Scholarship College Juniors 30k Visit
Tylenol Future Care Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 1-10K Visit
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 4th Year Student Varies Visit
University of San Francisco Masters 20K Visit
University of Texas Public Health Scholarship Undergraduate 1k Visit
Winston Health Policy Scholarship 1st year Graduate 10k Visit
International & Developing Countries
Advance Africa Masters Full Tuition Visit
AFS Diversity Scholarships for Developing Countries in New Zealand Masters 2500 Visit
Boston University Graduate Students Varies Visit
Child Family Health International Undergraduate, Graduate 1k U.S. Visit
ExxonMobil Scholarships in Global Health Science Masters Full Tuition Visit
Federal Ministry of Education and Research PhD Varies Visit
Foundation for Sustainable Development Graduate Students 3000 Visit
Fundación México en Harvard Doctoral Full Tuition Visit
German Academic Exchange Service Post Graduate 750 Euro per Month Visit
Heinrich Boll Scholarship MS/PhD 750- 1000 Euro per Month Visit
Royal Thai Government Post Graduate Full Tuition Visit
SGU Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship Post Graduate Full Tuition Visit
St Cross College Scholarship in Global Health Masters Up to 3000 Euro Visit
The Eve Jones Memorial Scholarship in Global Health Science at Brasenose College Masters Varies Visit
The Food Security Center (FSC) Doctoral 1000 Euro per Month Visit
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These are the masters in public health scholarships currently available. However, securing the necessary financial aid relies on your proactive efforts. By doing so, you can propel your career to new heights effortlessly. Familiarizing yourself with crucial aspects like age criteria, academic performance, degree prerequisites, and other factors impacting eligibility will enable you to identify and apply for the most suitable grants and scholarships to support your pursuit of an MPH degree. For more scholarship opportunities, click here

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