Scholarships and Grants for Paralegal and Legal Studies

Legal careers encompass more than just law school degrees and passing the bar exam. Attorneys often rely on the assistance of paralegal professionals and legal secretaries to effectively serve their clients. Paralegals are trained to perform various tasks, including research, document organization, and conducting interviews with key individuals involved in legal proceedings.

If you’re considering a career in the legal field, there are numerous scholarships and grants for paralegal and legal studies that will help you pursue your education and gain valuable skills. In this article, we will explore different sources of financial aid and opportunities for aspiring paralegals and legal secretaries.

Professional Organization Scholarships

Professional organizations play a crucial role in supporting and promoting education within the legal field. These associations offer scholarships and grants to increase access to college education for promising students. Here are some examples:

a. National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA): The NFPA sponsors the Thomson/Reuters Scholarship, which recognizes outstanding paralegal students. Successful applicants demonstrate academic excellence and submit well-written essays on assigned topics related to the field. Recent awards have reached up to $3500 each.

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b. American Association for Paralegal Education: This association awards scholarships annually to outstanding student members. Winners of the research and writing competition for honors scholars receive scholarships valued at $500 each.

c. Cleveland Association of Paralegals: The association offers the Joy King Memorial Scholarship, which provides $500 to students pursuing paralegal education at local schools. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievements and impressive essay submissions.

d. State Bar of Michigan – Paralegal/Legal Assistant Section: This program sponsors a minimum of two annual scholarships for aspiring paralegals. The awards, ranging from $250 to $1000, are used for tuition and books. Eligible applicants must be enrolled in Paralegal/Legal Assistant programs within the State of Michigan.

e. North Carolina Paralegal Association: This association supports paralegal education in the state by providing financial incentives for textbooks, tuition, and other higher education fees. Winners of the association’s annual essay contest can also utilize scholarship funding for certification examination fees.

f. Wake County Paralegal Scholarship Program: Students in Wake County, North Carolina, can benefit from this scholarship program, which grants $500 to each winner. The Camille Stell Scholarship is awarded to promising paralegal students attending college within the county.

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g. Nancy McLaughlin Scholarships: These scholarships, affiliated with the Capital Area Paralegal Association, provide a minimum annual award of $250, with the potential for higher amounts when additional funds are available.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal Scholarships from Campus Programs

Various colleges and universities offer scholarships specifically for students enrolled in paralegal studies programs. Here are a few examples:

a. Tampa Legal Secretaries Association Scholarships (Hillsborough Community College): Qualified students demonstrating academic promise, commitment to the field, and financial need can receive tuition relief from this scholarship fund.

b. Law Offices of Manuel Hidalgo Scholarships (Cal State-Los Angeles): The Paralegal Studies Program at Cal State-Los Angeles awards scholarships to qualified students, providing partial tuition relief and a small stipend for books.

c. Chippewa Valley Technical College: This college offers scholarships to qualifying students in business-related programs, including paralegal studies. Examples include the Chippewa Falls Rotary Club Scholarships and the Joanne Dow Memorial Scholarship.

d. Judge Ernest Akemann Scholarship (Elgin Community College): This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding law student or paralegal. Applicants must be enrolled full-time with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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e. Roosevelt University: Paralegal students at Roosevelt University may be eligible for annual scholarship awards worth up to $3,000. The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Awards are given based on essays submitted by applicants, addressing topics related to the paralegal field. Students must possess a previously earned Bachelor’s Degree in any major to pursue paralegal education at the university.

Corporate Scholarships

Law firms and other companies working in the legal field also offer scholarships for aspiring legal professionals. One example is the law firm of Warner, Norcross, and Judd, which awards three scholarships annually to students pursuing paralegal and legal secretary education. The scholarships provide $2000 to paralegal studies winners and $1000 to promising legal secretary students. Minority applicants demonstrating high levels of financial need are given preference.


Scholarships and grants for paralegals and legal are essential resources for legal secretaries, enabling them to pursue their education and embark on successful careers in the legal field. Whether offered by professional organizations, campus programs, or corporate sponsors, these opportunities help students fulfill their academic and professional goals. By leveraging these financial aids and showcasing their dedication to the field, passionate individuals can thrive and contribute to the legal profession.

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