Home Instead Jobs Salary: Average Pay and Top-Paying Cities

When it comes to Home Instead Jobs salary in the United States, there is a range of pay rates depending on location and experience. This article examines the average hourly pay for Home Instead Care Jobs workers, highlights the top 10 highest-paying cities for these jobs, and explores related positions that offer higher salaries.

Average Home Instead Care Salary

As of June 18, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Home Instead Care Job in the United States is $21.92. While wages can vary, the majority of Home Instead Care workers earn between $16.83 (25th percentile) and $24.52 (75th percentile). It is worth noting that the pay range for Home Instead Care positions remain relatively stable, with little opportunity for significant wage increases or career advancement, even with several years of experience.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Home Instead Care Jobs

Certain cities offer above-average salaries for Home Instead Care Job professionals. Richmond, CA tops the list, followed closely by Bellevue, WA, and Federal Way, WA. In Federal Way, WA, the average salary surpasses the national average by $8,530 (18.7%), while Richmond, CA exceeds it by $11,586 (25.4%). These cities present promising opportunities for economic advancement through relocation.

Furthermore, the average salaries among these top ten cities exhibit minimal variation, ranging only 9% from Richmond, CA to San Jose, CA. This suggests that factors such as a lower cost of living may play a significant role in determining the best location for Home Instead Care professionals seeking both competitive salaries and a favorable cost of living.

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Top 5 Best Paying Related Home Instead Care Jobs in the U.S

Several related job positions offer higher salaries compared to the average Home Instead Jobs salary. These roles include Registered Nurse Home Care, Optimal Home Care, and At Home Cannabis Nurse. Each of these jobs pays between $31,443 (68.9%) and $57,067 (125.1%) more than the average Home Instead Care position.

Here are the top five related Home Instead Care jobs and their respective annual salaries:

  1. Registered Nurse Home Care:
    • Annual Salary: $102,670
    • Monthly Pay: $8,555
    • Weekly Pay: $1,974
    • Hourly Wage: $49.36
  2. Optimal Home Care:
    • Annual Salary: $96,458
    • Monthly Pay: $8,038
    • Weekly Pay: $1,854
    • Hourly Wage: $46.37
  3. At-Home Cannabis Nurse:
    • Annual Salary: $91,075
    • Monthly Pay: $7,589
    • Weekly Pay: $1,751
    • Hourly Wage: $43.79
  4. Home Healthcare Agency:
    • Annual Salary: $86,585
    • Monthly Pay: $7,215
    • Weekly Pay: $1,665
    • Hourly Wage: $41.63
  5. Home Care Management:
    • Annual Salary: $77,046
    • Monthly Pay: $6,420
    • Weekly Pay: $1,481
    • Hourly Wage: $37.04
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How to get Home Instead of jobs

Roughly 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day in the U.S. and Canada. Home Instead is committed to helping care for these aging adults by hiring 25,000 North American Care Professionals in 2023. Are you interested in a caregiver job?

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Understanding the average salaries and top-paying cities for Home Instead Care jobs can provide valuable insights for professionals in this field. While the average hourly wage remains steady across the country, certain cities offer higher compensation, making relocation a potentially lucrative option. Additionally, exploring related positions can open doors to significantly higher salaries for individuals looking to advance their careers in the caregiving industry.

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