Fully Funded UNC MBA Scholarships for International Students 

Achieving an MBA from the prestigious University of North Carolina (UNC) is a dream come true for countless ambitious business professionals. It is even more pronounce if you get awarded with UNC MBA scholarships.

The expenses associated with graduate programs can be daunting, especially for those with limited financial means. Fortunately, UNC offers an array of fully funded scholarships for MBA students, enabling them to cover their educational expenses and pursue their professional goals.

Scholarship Opportunities at UNC MBA Program

UNC’s MBA program offers a diverse range of scholarships designed to support deserving students. These scholarships can be categorized as merit-based or need-based, depending on their criteria.

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Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments. The specific requirements for these scholarships may vary depending on the program. UNC’s MBA scholarship program includes the following notable merit-based scholarships:

  • Dean’s Fellows Scholarship: This prestigious scholarship is granted to students who have displayed outstanding academic and professional achievements. Recipients of this scholarship not only receive a full tuition waiver but also receive a living allowance to support their education.
  • Consortium Fellowship: Underrepresented minority students who have exhibited academic distinction and leadership potential are eligible for the Consortium Fellowship. This scholarship provides a living stipend in addition to covering full tuition costs.
  • Forté Fellowship: Women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential and academic performance can apply for the Forté Fellowship. Along with a full tuition waiver, this scholarship also offers a living allowance to support the recipient’s studies.
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Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are intended for students who can demonstrate financial need. The specific requirements for these scholarships may vary depending on the program. UNC’s MBA scholarships offers a variety of need-based scholarships, including:

  • Carolina Covenant Scholarship: This scholarship is available to students from low-income families who exhibit both academic promise and financial need. Recipients of this scholarship receive comprehensive funding, covering tuition, fees, housing, board, and a book stipend.
  • Kenan-Flagler Business School Scholarship: Students who can demonstrate both academic potential and financial need are eligible for this scholarship. It provides partial tuition waivers to deserving recipients.
  • MBA Fellowships for Public Service: This scholarship is awarded to students who have shown a strong commitment to serving the public and have significant financial need. Along with a full tuition waiver, recipients of this fellowship also receive a living allowance to support their studies.
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Applying for UNC MBA Scholarships

To apply for UNC MBA scholarships, students must submit their application for admission to the MBA program. Scholarship application deadlines generally coincide with the admission application deadline, although there may be slight variations depending on the specific scholarship program.

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UNC MBA scholarships provide substantial financial support to students pursuing a successful career in the business world. Whether you require financial assistance or are a high-achieving candidate seeking merit-based scholarships, UNC’s scholarship program offers opportunities to help you thrive. By carefully planning and submitting a strong application, you can leverage UNC MBA scholarships and take the first step toward a rewarding business career. You want more scholarship opportunities? Click here

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