10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview

10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview:Interviews can be a source of great anxiety. Here are some strategies for overcoming any anxiety you may have prior to a job interview.


You’re on your way to an important job interview when your hands begin to sweat, your heart rate increases dramatically, and your mouth becomes as dry as the Sahara Desert. It’s quite normal to be worried before a significant event in your life, such as an interview, and the anxiety you’re experiencing indicates that you want to perform well.

Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview

However, anxiousness can also be a hindrance to a successful interview. If you’re having difficulty calming your anxiety, consider these ten effective strategies.

1. Always Be Prepared

When people are uncertain about the outcome of a situation, they feel nervous. That is why job interviews are always fraught with anxiety and tension. If you prepare for the interview in advance, you will be able to deal with your nerves far more effectively.

Preparation might include everything from researching the company to rehearsing responses to critical questions or even coming up with your own. By conducting study and being prepared, you can anticipate what to expect and alleviate your nervousness.

2. Schedule Your Day

Your day will run much more smoothly if you schedule everything around the interview. To avoid feeling rushed, apprehensive, and stressed out throughout the day, plan your interview for the morning.

After planning your day to eliminate unnecessary stressors, such as traffic, ensure that you get enough sleep the night before and adhere to your schedule the following day. This will make you feel more productive and will alleviate your job interview nervousness.

3. Eat breakfast 

If you want your interview to go well, you need to start the day off right, so why not eat a delicious meal? Choose your favorite morning item, whether it’s something healthy, such as a smoothie, or something comforting, such as bacon and eggs.

As long as you consume something you enjoy prior to the interview, you will have the energy necessary to perform well and will not have to worry about a growling stomach.

4. Self-Talk That Is Positive

Because the way you speak to yourself has an effect on your actions, it’s always preferable to avoid negative ideas and instead focus on the good. Adopting positive self-talk prior to an interview might mean the difference between getting the job and being denied, so rather than seeing the interview negatively, make it into a joyful experience.

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It’s critical to focus on being enthusiastic about attending a job interview. After all, you are unlikely to obtain every job for which you apply, but you can benefit from the experience.

5. Take in music

Prior to attending a job interview, listen to your favorite upbeat music, whether it’s Taylor Swift or Beyonce. Can’t seem to locate your favorite song? Simply download it prior to the big interview using one of these Android or iPhone music download applications. Not only can listening to music improve your thinking, but it also boosts your confidence.

Additionally, playing your favorite music will help you forget about your anxiety as the interview approaches. Fill your ears with excitement and energy to put you in the correct frame of mind prior to the interview, and your worry will vanish. Perhaps you can even dance your nerves away.

6. Engage in Physical Activity

Exercising prior to a critical job interview might work wonders in terms of relieving anxiety and stress. Whether you take a brisk walk around the block, go for a long jog, or do yoga in your living room, exercise releases good endorphins and helps to soothe your tensions.

Even a brief stroll will help you clear your mind, and you’ll get a healthy dose of fresh air and vitamin D as well.

7. Make a Post-Interview Plan

According to science, anticipating a happy event might help lessen negative feelings such as anxiety and stress. This is why it is critical to arrange for self-care following an interview.

Consider anything for which you’d be delighted to conduct an interview. Is it time for lunch with a friend? What is your favorite film? A trip to the salon? Whatever you decide to do post-interview, schedule it for after the interview is complete so you have something interesting to look forward to.

8. Experiment with the STOP Technique

The STOP Technique is a mindfulness technique that can be used to help you settle down in a stressful circumstance. How it works is as follows:

S: stop. Put an end to whatever you’re doing and take a moment to pause.

T:Take. Take several deep breaths and observe your breath as it enters and exits your nostrils.

O: Observe what is occurring both within and without your body, thoughts, and emotions.

P: proceed . Continue doing what you were doing or alter your route in response to what you witnessed.

This approach is critical if you’re feeling overwhelmed prior to an interview, since it enables you to pause and regain control, rather than allowing tension and anxiety to overpower you.

9. Contact a Friend 

Nothing beats exchanging a few words with a supportive friend or family member for relieving pre-interview tension. Occasionally, as a result of our nervousness, we become absorbed in unpleasant thoughts. That is why it is best to reach out to our family and friends, who will shower us with encouraging words.

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Fundamentally, if you are unable to give yourself enough positive self-talk before to the interview, enlist the assistance of your loved ones.

10. Breathe 

Is your breathing rapid or erratic? If you do feel yourself succumbing to anxiousness, do not panic. Inhale slowly through your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose a few times. This straightforward breathing technique will assist you in calming your nerves and making you feel less nervous.


By controlling your breathing using an easy breathing method, you can refocus on the interview and get your mind back in the game.

Confront Your Interview Anxiety Head-on
It’s tough to avoid feeling anxious and frightened before a job interview, and while anxiety can be motivating and provide an energy boost, it can also jeopardize your interview.

So far we have been able to talk about 10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview

Therefore, utilize these helpful suggestions to maintain your composure and, if that overpowering emotion strikes, pause, breathe, and re-center yourself. You are capable!

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